Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The Day The Enemy Entered by Matthew Schramer

I acted in this movie, that my mate Matthew Schramer directed. It was a cool experience, especially when we needed to cross the freezing Provo River in order to get some cross river shots. Legs shake in freezing water levels, something I didn't KNOW personally before the shoot.


Terrible Concept = Terrible

Walmart has released a new site at walmart.com/schoolyourway that is running on the coattails of Myspace. They didn't do it well. GSD&M from Austin, Texas really did number with this concept. They created a place where young teens could discuss fashion, upload videos, etc. Teenagers look at this site, and if they aren't from Alabama, they skip it and curse Walmart from trying to trick them.

*Cough* *Yawn*

I've seen this before, it's called Myspace, and it's much better.

It's trying desperately hard to be cool, when it isn't. GSD&M must have a hip team of 40+ year-old white collared men, who aren't in touch with their children's lives designing this.

The Hub: School Your Way

Put this one down to terrible research, bad ideas, and an advertising firm that's right on the money.

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