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Land o Kilts

I was bored, so I wanted to get a good looking Glass family crest. Then I stumbled upon this interesting information about our infamous father's side of the lineage, and our Scottish home fort...

"The name Glass is derived from "glas" which is Irish and presumably Scots Gaelic for green or grey. It's also Welsh for blue.

Either simply from the Gaelic adjective "glas" meaning "grey" or a shortened form of the Gaelic name "Mac Gille glais" or Mac Ghlle ghlais" meaning "son of the grey lad". Glass of Ascog in Bute existed as one of the local families called Barons in the 15th century. (There are several other citations.) "Glas" is also an old Gaelic personal name, whence Dunmaglas, the "fort of the sons of Glas".

The family belonged to the same clan as the famous Robert Bruce. Their plaid was "Brus", which is a red background, dark green over, and narrow white lines. The Bruce clan crest is described as a lion, statant, azure, armed, and langule. The family motto is Frimi (We have been). The origin of the name comes from the French town of Brix, the Gaelic name is Brus. The plant badge is Rosemary.

"When Robert the Bruce was scrambling for the Kingdom, and fighting his way in the West, he was opposed by Argyle and other highland chiefs. At the time alluded to he had come from Ayrshire and accomplished a landing on the island of Bute, his followers were few and fewer still appeared to join his standard in the island until Glass of Ascog with sixteen retainers joined him By their example, many others turned out and a battle. And in the evening, when Bruce returned to Rothsay he took possession of the Castle, he was so pleased with the conduct of Glass and his neighbors that he caused his "Learned Clerck" to make out crown charters in their favor of the lands they held, ie, he granted them the lands free for which they formerly paid rent or mail. These charters are in existence to this day, bearing date from Rothsay Castle. Glass's family by this grant and Royal favor became highly
respectable, the laird being now a small Baron."

I had always thought that our surname "Glass" originated from the material eg. "Makers of Glass". However, I think now it's the opposite, seeing as glass would have been invented or made after our name in gaelic was formed. The orginal product of glass would have been less transparent than it is now, and this is where it most likely got its name. (Grey)

Upon further research I figured our home town/village was "Dunmaglas, the "fort of the sons of Glas". I've seen the word in various places broken up, "Dun-ma-glas". Which would mean, Dun = Hill, Ma = Of/if. So the word Hill is probably synomsis with Fort (In the way strongholds were constructed probably) Here's we're it is in Scotland (actually there is a movement to stop the Dunmaglass electric windmill project back a year or so ago):

On closer view (Look how close we are to Nessy!):

The family crest is a difficult one to determine...

I've considered not using the traditional mermaid crest that I knew growing up with over the potbelly, or wherever it was. (Mostly because it's too feminine, I mean, weren't the Glas clan really really warrior-like? Maybe not... But we can have our own founding myths)

Anyways, the Glass coat of arms/family crest is traditionally this:

Scottish Glass family crest

Or the Germany family equilivant in which we probably originated from:

"One of the earliest references to the family name Glass dates back in history
to the year 1381 in Germany/Prussia. Variants for this surname include Glase,
Glaesse and Glasse.The colour Azure, Blue, in this coat of arms symbolizes
Loyalty and Truth. It also reflects the hopes, ambitions and aspirations of its
original bearer."

German Coat of Arms

The crest of the 'fort of the sons of Glas' or 'hill of the sons of Glas':

Dun-ma-glass Crest

Being from Australia, we are used to huge distances between places. I was shocked when Dunmaglas was only like 1 or so miles from Lochness. I thought it would be way further according to the satellite imagery. (View photo)

Here are some images of Dunmaglass:


Ok, so Mum has told me that the Glass line was primarly English. So obviously these guys are distant relatives.

My theory now is that the Glass family originated in Germany/Prussia area, immigrated to England, and then dispersed all over the island, ending up with our Grandfather's birth in Wales.
I always had old German ladies on my mission commenting on "You have a German name, your father is German?" I was like, "Ok, crazy lady...."

I'm theorizing Israelite blood! Jewish lineage from Germany originally then back to Jerusalem! :) I'm thinking we were the righteous Jews that left before the Abomination of Desolation.

(In which case the Jewish family crest would be:)
Glass Jewish Coat of Arms
Much cooler.

yo i totally saw nessie when i went there 3 years ago. it was sweeetttt.

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My surname is also glass im from oklahoma and i have always wondered about possible lineage for my family so reading what you have written was so awesome and very helpfull i know i might not even be even closely related to you but thanks!
Not sure I agree. The German/Jewish version of Glass probably never influenced the UK ones. Probably two lines there, one English from Glass workers, and the more usual origin from Scotland/Ireland where it means something like Grey in Gaelic.
So Glass is the Grey haired one.
If your surname is Glass then you are either Jewish, Scottish or possible German but not all three. The German and Jewish families may have been named Glass because they were glaziers (Glass makers). However the Scottish side was originally named MacGileglas meaning "son of the grey haired man" Glas being a ancient word meaning Grey. The name was later shortened to Glas. There is a branch of the same family named Glasford meaning "the Glas family that moved to the ford." Another branch of the family later moved to Saucey in Scotland and instead of being called Glass of Ascog as the main branch was is called Glass of Saucey. The main branch (Glas of Ascog) along with the Glasford brach and Glass of Saucey branch all have the same Crest, Kilt, Coat of Arms and Mottos. My lineage is from the Scottish Glas family. My father's side of the family were Scottish Presbyterians who emigrated first from Scotland to Ulster and then from Ulster to the USA. The story that was passed down was that we were related to Robert the Bruce and indeed fought for him. The earliest mention of the Glass (or Glas) family is from 1332 on the Isle of Bute this record refers to the Glas family as being of ancient origins dating back way before the Norman conquest but of course there are no records from the Celts or the Picts to refer to and no mention of the Glas family owning land prior to 1332. Google has Scanned in a lot of old books including "The Isle of Bute in Olden Times" where you can find more material on the Glass family.
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