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My Top Travel Location

I was contemplating the place I want to visit the most...



I'm not sure what it is about Croatia or the European rivieria's, but I love the rocky shoreline. It appears tranquil and energetic simulateously.

Being from Australia I realize how beautiful the beaches, rainforest, and an overall temperate climate is. That's not what I'm looking for, if it was, I would have found it.

I long for the historical, cliff, and old-village feeling that comes with this part of the world.

I can't wait till I start on this journey; to relax, boat and have an exciting time at the riveria.

Croatia is an Adriatic, Central European country of 56.538 square meters with more than 4.7 million inhabitants. The capital is Zagreb. Tourism started developing in the fifties, and Croatia soon reached the competitiveness of other Mediterranean tourist countries.

A part of Croatia, Istrian county, with 2.820 square kilometers and its administrative centre in the town of Pazin, has more than 200 thousand inhabitants. Its heraldic motto is a goat.

This peninsula is very deeply situated inside Central Europe; and therefore it is a warm coastal area, most easily accessible in this part of Europe.

The Umag Riviera spreads along the western part of Istria, form the mouth of the Dragonja river in the north, to Lada's Grove on the south edge. The coast is well-indented and easily accessible to bathers. Summer temperatures range between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius and the sea is pleasant for swimming from May till the end of September. All along the Umag Riviera there are comfortable hotels, well equipped camps and bungalows, restaurants offering a wide variety of food, various entertainment and sports-recreational facilities.

Croatia riveria

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