Friday, April 21, 2006


That's What I Call Freestyling

Most carpenters work in coveralls or at least pants and a shirt. Police say Percy Honniball prefers to do his work in his birthday suit.

Honniball initially told Grant and Officer Shawn Johnson that he shed his clothes because he had to crawl under the house to do some electrical work and didn't want them to get dirty.

He also said that working in the nude ``gave him a better range of motion and made him a more efficient worker,'' Grant said. Honniball had been caught working in the buff three times before in Berkeley dating back to 2000, but he was only once put on probation for violating a city ordinance.


It seemed to have been Peter's preferred dress-code for heavy work as well. (see John 21:7) I also wonder if Isaiah would have had trouble with the law today! (see Isa. 20:2-3)
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