Monday, May 15, 2006


Longboarding Adventures

Amy and I went down the canyon on Saturday. It was way fun, it was especially beautiful this time of year.

After missing the park at which our car was at, we approached some fellow longboarding buddies and got a ride back up to Bridal Veil Falls Park.

We averted a few near misses after she cut me off around a tight bend, thanks to my maneuvering and jumping skills. It was inevitable however, I got ahead of her going at incredible speeds. I swerved left into the park going down a steep slope. I looked back, she was nowhere in sight.

I decided to curve my board into the grass and wait for her. I jumped off the board. My legs were running so fast, I must have gotten up to about 30 mph or so. I started to feel my body weight shifting to the front of my body away from my legs, as if a ship about to sink with to a flooded hull.

I then went down. Three crazy somersaults with everyone in the park looking on. After I regain my composure I sprout up to my legs, with my hands high in victory pose and shout "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Amy comes around the corner... 2 minutes later...

Don't get me started on what happened Thursday night while longboarding with some new found friends. Somebody say, Collision Course: Forehead and Gate?

Though I appreciate your bravado after the somersaults, you might have earned more points if you had done the required three-salute (a-la gymnastics) to the judges.
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