Sunday, October 22, 2006


New Snowboard & Bindings

So I went up with Geoff and Rory up in Salt Lake today to buy my new snowboard and gear for this upcoming season.

Geoff and I looked around for a while and I finally found a Burton Twin that caught my eye. After traveling to a few stores we eventually bought it over at Decade for $240, then went over to Utah Snow and Ski where we found a board I liked better for half the price. It was a K2 Fuse board from the previous season (. I liked the look of it better, and for half the money why not be happy.

Went back to Decade, and wanted to return the Burton Twin. The owner said it was on clearance and I couldn't return the board. He told me that it's on the receipt. I searched the receipt and nothing about sale or clearance items was there. I got my money back.

I felt bad about stiffing him a sale, so I bought some Burton Custom bindings (see pic below) for $140 so I didn't completely rip him off. After that, Geoff and I met up with his wife Lindsay to get some Italian food at a place near them. It was actually really good Salmon, and the must have thrown alot of extra love into those roast vegetables. Yum.

Here's the setup (pics below) so far, I've just gotta get some outerwear.

k2 snowboard

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